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Fall & Winter Jewelry Trends

Posted by Cassandra Saba on

Many jewelry trends come and go, and some last forever!  It is also fun to put your own twist to classic looks such as pearls.  Below are some of the biggest looks for this fall and winter.  

1. Layering- It's always in.  One of my favorite looks right now are diamond and gemstone stackable rings.  We also design sterling silver and crystal versions.  

2. Statement Earrings- Designers are exploring ways to incorporate different gemstones and crystals to make big statement earrings.  We are seeing more funky shapes than ever!  

3. Leaf Inspired Jewelry- Vogue predicted this was going to be a big trend this year, and we are definitely seeing it!  In our semi-precious stone colelctions, we have chosen to do these earring in many colors.  These also come with matching necklaces.  They are lightweight and teardrop shaped for the leaf look.  


4. Pearls with Chain- A simple chain with a freshwater pearl dangle is a great everyday option.

5. Metal Chokers- Statement necklaces and chokers with pearls and gems!  This necklace has a freshwater pearl and gold circle pendant. 

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